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The essays listed below are arranged in three categories, with the earliest in each category first. Underlining indicates a link to an electronic version.




'Writing and Not Writing', in Poets on Writing, Britain 1970-1991, ed Denise Riley (Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1991) pp. 41-49

'Sentenced to' in Performance Research Vol 1, No 1 (Spring 1996) pp. 98-102

'Performed through', in Performance Research Vol 2, No 1, (Spring 1997) pp. 68-72

'Missing persons: personal pronouns in performance writing', in Performance Research Vol 3, No 1 (Spring 1998) pp. 87-90

'Eluded Readings: trying to tell stories about reading some recent poems', in The Gig 15 (September 2003) pp.35-54 (Given as paper at Birkbeck University of London)

'Falling towards each other: occasions of elegy', in The Paper, Issue 5 (October 2002) pp. 36-46; republished in Necessary Steps: poetry, elegy, walking, spirit ed David Kennedy (Exeter: Shearsman, 2007) , pp. 37-48.

Time-play-space: playing up the visual in writing', in Pores Issue 3: An Avant-gardist Journal of Poetics Research (March 2004)

'Reading (Illegible) Pages', in 'On the Page' issue of Performance Research Journal, Vol 9, No 2 (June 2004), pp. 15-23

'Reading a Polished Page', in 'On the Page' issue of Performance Research Journal, Vol 9, No 2, p.92 (June 2004) and in Performance Research / Liquid Press DVD supplement to this issue

'As a', a contribution after the event to a Forum on Women Writers, in Readings 2 (eds Piers Hugill, Aodhán McCardle, & Stephen Mooney), 2005

'Performance Writing'; entry in 'A Lexicon' issue of Performance Research Vol 11, No 3, (September 2006), pp. 89-91.

‘Five minutes on Poetry and Public Language, the topic and the book so named’, in Part 1: Poetry and Public Language feature (ed Tony Lopez), Pores 5, ed Will Rowe, 2008

'Do Not Ignore: Order-words in domestic and public spaces' in Etysis 3 (Helsinki), pp. 8-13, September 2010
'Foot, mouth and ear: some thoughts on prosody and performance' in 'On Foot' issue of Performance Research Journal, Vol 17, No 2 (Aoril 2012), pp. 36-41



'These lines are to remember John Riley', in For John Riley (Wirksworth and Leeds: Grosseteste, 1979) pp. 70-75

Two articles on Peter Riley: 'On Lines on the Liver and Tracks and Mineshafts and two essays' and 'Before you fall', in The Poetry of Peter Riley (ed Nate Dorward), The Gig 4/5 (2000), pp. 35-46

'John Riley, poet', in Tears in the Fence No 20 (Spring 1998) pp. 62-68

'Some things I wanted to say about Doug', in A meeting for Douglas Oliver (ed. Wendy Mulford and Peter Riley, Cambridge et al: infernal methods, Street Editions and Poetical Histories, 2002) pp. 10-13

'Ventriloquising Against Harm', an extended review of Douglas Oliver's Whisper 'Louise' , in Jacket 30, October 2006 (from March 2006).

'Terms of Engagement in F.T.Prince', in PNReview Vol 29, No 1 (2002) pp. 36-38

'Dress and Address: "John James" in John James', in Salt Companion to John James (ed. Simon Perril) Great Wilbraham: Salt Publishing, 2006)

'Karen Mac Cormack's Implexures: an implicated reading', in an as yet untitled forthcoming publication on 'experimental Canadian women poets', (ed. Nate Dorward),Willowdale, Canada: The Gig, 2006)

'Punishment Routines' in For J.H. Prynne: In Celebration 24th June 2006 published as Quid 17 (ed Keston Sutherland) Falmer, 2006 pp. 60-63

'Reading J.H. Prynne’s ‘Acquisition of Love’ and anticipating ‘Blue Slides at Rest’, Readings 3 (eds Piers Hugill, Aodhán McCardle, & Stephen Mooney), 2008

'Beginning to read Alice Notley's In the Pines', in Constellation: Alice Notley curated by Carol Wats and Edmund Hardy, Intercapillary/Space, 2008

Julian Hall and The Senior Commoner’, Faber Finds website, 2009

‘An Afterword’, in David Prior, Black Water Brown Water, Totnes: Acts of Language, 2009

So you don’t tell all your meaning: two poems by Douglas Oliver’, in Cambridge Literary Review, Vol 1 No 1 (Cambridge), pp. 178-188, 2009

‘Dress and Address: “John James” in John James’, in Simon Perril (ed.), Salt Companion to John James (Great Wilbraham, Cambridge: Salt Publishing), pp. 11-29, 2010

'Making it new out of old hat: the words in Lone Twin', chapter in Good Luck Everybody: Lone Twin - Journeys, Performances, Conversations edited by David Williams and Carl Lavery (Aberystwyth: Performance Research Books) 2011), pp. 211-219

Review of Strictly Illegal: John Wieners with Gilbert and George (Brighton: Artery Editions, 2011) in Tears in the Fence, No. 55  Summer 2012. Pp. 127-130, 2012

ET: the missing letters of Peter Hughes’s Behoven’  in 'An intuition of the particular': some essays on the poetry of Peter Hughes ed. Ian Brinton. Bristol: Shearsman Books, 2013


'Interdisciplinarity: disciplines and arts practice', in Proceedings of CONCEPTS Conference, Oporto, April 1995

'Issues for discipline and context: designing a taught postgraduate programme in performance practices', in Conference Proceedings: Further and Continuing Education of performing artists in the Nordic Countries - a Nordic Task (Videre og affernddanneelse for scenekunstere I Nordern) Oslo: Norway, 12th - 14th November 1999, pp.77-85

Review of The Anxiety of Interdisciplinarity (ed Alex Coles and Alexia Defert), in Performance Research Vol 4, No 3 (Winter 1999), pp. 103 -106

(with Simon Murray) 'Arts for what, for where, for whom? Fragmentary reflections on Dartington College of Arts, 1961 - 2010.' Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, Vol 2, No 1 (London: Routledge), pp. 54-71. View or Download.

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